Understanding God's Plan For Your Life

All Problems in your past, present and future have a Purpose to fulfill in your life! The problems you are dealing with are leaving you frustrated, depressed and feeling like God has abandoned you. You've  been praying for relief and you've even tried to borrow relief, but nothing is working. You constantly question, "Why all of these problems, God?" 

Your Problems Have Purpose is an engaging book, full of practical life-application principles including:
  • Discovering who you are in Christ and growing in His purpose for you
  • Learning how to overcome the fact that brokenness hurts 
  • Submitting to God's will for your life and living successfully
Additionally you'll learn...
  • Exactly how God uses your problems to develop your purpose
  • Why God uses problems to protect you from yourself
  • What your purpose cost God   
Discover how important your problems are to God's purposeful plan for your life, and how the RIGHT perspective makes all the difference!

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Your Problems Have Purpose: Understanding God's Plan For Your Life